National Maths Mock

Ofqual has recently announced that schools will be asked to grade and rank their students. Onmaths is looking to allow schools to obtain up-to-date progress information from their students in these difficult times by conducting a national mock. The results of these mocks will be standardised nationally, with national proportions of each grade being passed on to each school/centre.

How it will work

Each participating school will add their students to the system and obtain unique usernames and passwords. The school will then hand these out to students.
Each school will be given a time and date for their online mock exam, and students will all complete the mock exam at the same time.
The mock will consist of a single calculator paper and different exam boards will be taken into account.

How should I use this data

How the data is used will be completely up to schools. Some schools may use it to reassure themselves of the rankings they have made, others may use the data to inform some of the rankings. The marks and grades will not be shared with the students so as not to confuse or conflict with information that you have used your professional opinion on.

How much will this cost?

This service is completely free of charge and is provided to support schools who have very difficult decisions to make in the coming months.

How do I apply?

Please complete the form below as an expression of interest. We will contact you with more information very soon.


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