With onmaths school, you can finally share our comprehensive resources across your school.
  • Set tasks. All teachers can set homework for their classes then view a complete question-level analysis.
  • Everyone. All students and teachers can access our videos, full working-out and download all PDFs.
  • Full control. Upload your class list - usernames and passwords are created automatically.
  • Presentation-mode. Teachers can go through paper and topic presentations and walkthroughs with their classes.
  • Run out of time? Students can now save their progress on a task at any time, and finish them later!
Please be aware that onmaths school does not use classcodes. Class lists must be uploaded.
All school teachers can easily set tasks, track results, view QLA and download and use PDFs for all our papers
Full Support
All school students can see full working out, video explanations and download PDFs for our papers
Full control
Upload your class lists and we will create accounts for each of your students with easy-to-remember passwords.
excludes legacy papers